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November 6, 2016

42 is not Just a Number, it’s a Solution to Overcrowded Schools

We all agree overcrowded schools in Fremont is an issue. But so far all the candidates in Fremont are doing about it is playing the blame game. It’s time to talk about  solutions. First, I want to say anyone who says they have a solution that solves our overcrowded schools overnight is not speaking truthfully. Second, bringing development to a …

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November 5, 2016

Respect Your Elders!

I’m running for City Council of Fremont 2016 to represent the heartbeat of Fremont. I never had to remind my children to respect their elders, because Malcolm and I raised our children to respect all people regardless of age, culture or color. We especially taught our children that there are great lessons to be learnt from elders. I am married …

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November 2, 2016

Parents’ Concern about Traffic at Fremont Schools (Video)

Kathy in the Community talking with Real People about Real Issues. In this video I am at the North Fremont home of Kalpana Kamalanathan and Vijay Karuppiah talking about traffic issues at Fremont schools. Elect me to Fremont City Council and let’s work together to solve traffic and overcrowding issues at Fremont schools.

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