We all agree overcrowded schools in Fremont is an issue. But so far all the candidates in Fremont are doing about it is playing the blame game. It’s time to talk about  solutions.

First, I want to say anyone who says they have a solution that solves our overcrowded schools overnight is not speaking truthfully. Second, bringing development to a screeching halt is a knee-jerk reaction, not a solution.

I would like to draw your attention to a new local coding school for young adults, named 42. Followers of the Hitcher’s Guide to the Galaxy will know that according to this British Si-Fi series that 42 is the answer to every question in the universe. For the rest of us let me put it this way; 42 is the model for the future of public education.

42 is a private, nonprofit and tuition-free computer coding school created and funded by French billionaire and philanthropist Xavier Niel.  42 is expanding their commitment to education opening their second campus right here in Fremont at 6600 Dumbarton Circle.

The history of 42 is intriguing and I encourage you to learn about it here. But for this post I want to focus on the lessons we learn from the 42 model.


Artist rendition of 42, Fremont.

Lessons from 42:

  1. Repurpose a vacant building rather than build a new traditional campus.
  2. Build a curriculum focused on the employment demands in the region.
  3. Deploy a graduation to career path for graduates.
  4. Create an environment of peer-to-peer learning, appreciation and coaching.

While 42 is geared for ages of 18 – 30, my vision for Fremont schools is to  apply the lessons from 42 to the Fremont Unified School District. What are some of my ideas and what are some benefits?

  1. Negotiate long-term leases on vacant buildings. No need to wait decades for land deals to close to enable us to build traditional schools.
  2. Procure sponsorships for dedicated curriculum that supports graduation to career paths;
    1. Waste Management can’t find enough qualified mechanics to service their machinery.
    2. Tesla Motors is growing faster than the workforce can keep up with.
  3. Build affordable housing inside these buildings for educators. Many of our educators are stressed by their long commutes because they can’t afford to live in this community they serve.
  4. Create social centers for students in these buildings. Our students need social interaction that leads to peer-to-peer learning and interpersonal skills required to compete in our high-tech region.

We already have magnet high schools in Fremont that have specific focus, school 42 is a great example for how we can create innovative ways to solve our overcrowded schools at the high school level. Once this is accomplished, we will have best practices to use in solving overcrowding at elementary and junior high schools as well.

Elect me and work with me to bring solutions for a better quality of life for the citizens of Fremont.

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