For more than 20 years, Kathy has been a tireless volunteer with many community groups in Fremont and has held multiple high-level leadership positions facilitating positive change to improve the quality of life for Fremont citizens. Her passion for Fremont and its people is undying. Kathy is dedicated to keep the heartbeat of Fremont pulsating throughout every community and neighborhood.

Here’s a quick overview of Kathy's involvement with Fremont:

  • President Fremont Education Foundation
  • President Centerville Business & Community Association
  • Member Fremont Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee
  • Member Ohlone College President's Advisory Committee
  • Board member of Stage 1 Community Theatre
  • Member Fremont Rotary Club
  • Commissioner City of Fremont Senior Citizens Commission
  • Founder Family Holiday Reading Night
  • President Glenmoor Gardens Homeowner's Association
  • President Meadowbrook Homeowners Association
  • Member Cabrillo Neighborhoods Project
  • Make-A-Wish, Wish Granter
  • Member, Yosemite Conservancy
  • Contributing Member, California State Parks Foundation
  • Contributing Member, National Parks Foundation

Recognitions Kathy has received:

  • California PTA Golden Oak award, the highest honor PTA bestows
  • Recognized by the City of Fremont for her role in the Cabrillo community project
  • Recognized by the American Cancer Leukemia, Lymphoma Society and the local American Cancer Society for her outstanding contribution to Daffodils Days.

Kathy worked with the City of Fremont on neighborhood design guidelines and successfully implemented procedures for smart growth in the Glenmoor neighborhood. She facilitated meetings with the City of Fremont, Centerville community members and business stakeholders on the Centerville Unified Site bringing the “Artist Walk” project to fruition after 15 years of stagnation. Because of Kathy’s contribution to Artist Walk, a multi-use project with retail and residential units incorporating community input is now underway.

Kathy has a passion for cultural arts and its importance to children and adults. As President of the Fremont Education Foundation, she supports and continually grows the After School Band program, making music lessons available to all 4th-6th grade students in the Fremont Unified School District. As a board member and co-producer with Stage 1 Community Theatre, she produces vibrant musical theatre for Tri-City audiences.

Kathy currently works in the Human Resources management team in the Fremont Unified School District.