Kathy for Fremont Yard Sign 2
I’m running for City Council of Fremont 2016 to represent the heartbeat of Fremont.

I never had to remind my children to respect their elders, because Malcolm and I raised our children to respect all people regardless of age, culture or color. We especially taught our children that there are great lessons to be learnt from elders. I am married to Malcolm the son of two deaf parents. Drew, Elliott and I wanted to have a real relationship with Malcolm’s parents so learned to communicate with them in their native language American Sign Language. We learned a new language, became enriched by a new culture and are able to assist them when they need help communicating with non-ASL speakers.

My family has always been active in supporting senior citizens. We  have delivered Thanksgiving and Christmas meals over the years, I have served as a member of the Senior Citizens Commission of Fremont and am amazed by and appreciative of the many services Fremont offers for seniors.  And for more than 4 years we have been taking very good care of Betty, a 96 year old citizen of Fremont. We do all of this not for personal satisfaction, but for the joy we see in their eyes and the smiles on their faces.

Malcolm, Betty and Kathy

Betty, like many seniors lives alone. She is lucky in that she has her own home and is active in her garden, but she is not able to drive or cook and doesn’t have many friends or family nearby. Betty looks forward to our visits 4 to 5 times a week when we talk about what’s going on in the world and bring her home cooked meals. Betty loves our home cooking, especially Malcolm’s specialties that are better than most restaurants! The point is, we care about Betty and respect her as a person who has a wealth of life experience that she shares during our visits. Betty is family to us.

Many Fremont seniors are former leaders and our children are our future leaders.  As your councilmember I will lead a task force to improve the communication of available service to seniors that include nutrition, transportation, healthcare and social activities.

Elect me to Fremont City Council and let’s work together to grow our respect for our elders. They deserve it.

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