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In the past couple of weeks I have had the privilege to enjoy great late-night entertainment in Centerville at Slap Face Coffee, and be a part of the launch for a burgeoning enterprise led by Neal Greenberg – a long time and respected Centerville businessman. While there is much to be excited about in Centerville including the Artist Walk development, these two aforementioned events are especially noteworthy to me because they address two major concerns I have with development in Fremont. Let’s take a closer look at Slap Face and Neal Greenberg:

Slap Face Coffee and Tea. Who likes opera?

If I ever asked my husband to go the opera with me he’d run for the hills. But, when I told him the opera was free, that there is no charge for parking, that it was only one mile from our home and heck “you can get a great bowl of ice cream and a shot of espresso” he was all-in. This is what Slap Face brings to Fremont. Great coffee, great service, great late night entertainment. We attended their Night at the Opera event, ordered our coffee and ice cream, and were so entertained that we sat most of the night focused on the spirited and talented artists performing out of passion for their art, we forgot all about our ice cream.

This type of cultural event and what I would call “fun” is what will bring our kids home from college, back to Fremont, to work and play in the town they grew up in. They will be proud to call Fremont their home, and may become our council members, planning commissioners, the doctors and lawyers, the small business leaders and community leaders of tomorrow. They will perpetuate the values learned from us as parents, from our school system and from being an active part of our community from the start. We need to be able to welcome our children home from college, and especially from the armed services.

Neal Greenberg. Selfies off the hook!

Neal is a man I respect. Neal is an entrepreneur. Neal is a visionary. Most importantly for Fremont, Neal is one of us. Neal has successfully operated his business Schmartboard in Centerville for years and has been a leader in Centerville’s economic development taking ownership of issues when in 2008 things were tough. Neal is no quitter. Neal is not one to sit on his laurels. Neal is a business leader. Just last Friday night Neal launched a new business endeavor in partnership with Bay Area Selfie. I was so pleased to see Neal growing his business in Centerville that I had to have my own Selfie done!

Thank you Slap Face and thank you Neal Greenberg for contributing to the heartbeat of Fremont.


  1. Thank you Kathy for the kind words about Bay Area Selfie. When Schmartboard was looking for a new home a few years ago, we wanted to also have a positive impact in the area we called home. After moving to Centerville, I learned about and got involved with the Centerville Business and Community Association(CBCA). This group was lead by business and community members who also believed it was prudent to help the community that you operated your business in….and it was lead by Kathy Kimberlin, who was our spark plug that got the engine running in those many early morning meetings. We have over the years achieved much, and it seems as though the district is finally on the verge of some significant and positive changes partly due to the efforts of the CBCA and Kathy’s leadership there. Fremont needs this type of leadership as it changes. Fremont is on the verge of significant growth. With that growth will be challenges unforeseen. These challenges will need to be acknowledged, accessed and reacted to. That is what Kathy lead us to do at CBCA. I wholeheartedly endorse her for these reasons for City Council for Fremont.

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