Kathy in the Community Talking with Real People about Real Issues.

In this video I'm at Flight Wine Bar talking with Greg Green a small business owner and community leader in Fremont. Greg shares my passion for the arts. See below the video for Greg's additional thoughts on the arts and how business can be involved.

From Greg Green:

I have been a resident of Fremont for around 45 years and a Washington High School alumni. My wife Julie, a Mission San Jose High School alumni, was born here and has called Fremont home for almost all her life.

In our time in Fremont we have seen tremendous growth both good and bad, it has also seen the loss of some great opportunity and diverse avenues for vitality here in the City. We have seen the loss of a glider airport enabling you to soar over Mission Peak, a drag strip/raceway that was used in the 1979 sequel “More American Graffiti”, and even a winery that predated the City!

Discussions of a center for the future of Fremont and its residents have been ongoing for decades with a few plans put forth for its development, but none have taken hold. Today, a dynamic center can be utilized in so many ways. Performing arts, like the Fremont Symphony Orchestra who has been here over 50 years, is just the beginning. Televised debates, medical forums hosted by Washington Healthcare Foundation and other local medical groups, the unveiling of new Tesla vehicles televised around the world, a speaker series for world dignitaries are examples of what can bring focus to the great City of Fremont.

Kathy is keenly aware of the need for such a center and we look forward to working with her in exploring bringing it to fruition. Her attention to the needs of those who call Fremont home and to the historic districts that came together to form this City will give her a direct connection to the people needed to accomplish this project.

Thus, my wife and I support to Kathy Kimberlin for Fremont City Council.


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