Kathy for Fremont Yard Sign 2
I’m running for City Council of Fremont 2016 to represent the heartbeat of Fremont.

If $600.00 will influence someone’s vote, they shouldn’t be on the Council. Period.

My pledge to the citizens of Fremont is that no matter who contributes to my campaign, I will make decisions, form policy, and consider all sides of every issue in the best interests of all Fremont residents and neighborhoods.

If the only way other candidates can ensure they will be fair and unbiased is to pick and choose who they will or won’t take contributions from, it either demonstrates their lack of individual conviction or an inability to represent the interests of the entire community.

If a nurse contributes to my campaign, would I decide a policy issue in her favor? If a trash collector contributes to my campaign, does that influence my decision on waste collection contracts in the city? What about a teacher, or a local businessperson, or a retired senior?  NO.

Obviously issues and decisions should be made on the merits by weighing each side in the common best interest of the City – which is exactly what I plan to do as your city councilmember.

There is much positive to be said about the recent growth in Fremont. We have been fortunate to have bounced back from the recession stronger than many communities. Growth in Fremont is inevitable. The Fremont General Plan is a blueprint for how our community should grow, and how it should be limited. Growth in Fremont is guided by the General Plan with input from community members.  We should embrace a spirit of collaboration between city leaders, community leaders and projects to create mutually beneficial smart growth that meets our housing needs.

Vote for me on November 8th and let’s join together to grow Fremont in ways that make us proud.  We owe it to our children.

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