Kathy for Fremont Yard Sign 2

I’m running for City Council of Fremont 2016 to represent the heartbeat of Fremont.

There has been a lot of concern recently about where Fremont political candidates get their contributions and how those contributions may influence their decisions made by a council member. I don’t think that’s a real issue for me. Here’s why.

As a grass roots, first time campaigner, I have learned the importance of donor contributions because of how much money is needed to circulate a candidate’s message. My goal is to get my message and vision for Fremont out to all voters. My vision includes the need for affordable housing, traffic solutions and an answer to alleviate overcrowded schools. When it comes time to make hard decisions on these matters, I will vote for what is right for Fremont using the General Plan and your voice as my guide.

The maximum donation anyone can make to a candidate running for City Council is only $600.00 and this level of contribution is rare. Printing flyers, yard signs, mailers and fees for candidate statements and advertising add up to a whole lot more than $600.00. It is very meaningful to me when my friends, colleagues and longtime supporters donate to my campaign and every dollar supports my goal to send my message to you.

My message has been developing over 20 years through my work as a community leader with a variety of stakeholders supporting smart growth through small business and concern for our schools.

  • As a community leader, I have had discussions one on one with small business owners in partnership with the Fremont Department of Economic Development.
  • As President of the Centerville Business & Community Association I encouraged continued outreach to local business resulting in the revival of the Centerville Tree Lighting event.
  • I organized community meetings with stakeholders on the Centerville Unified Site, now called Artist Walk, to provide opportunity for community members to share with developers the type and size of project our community wants to see on the long standing dirt lot. This resulted in less unit density for in our neighborhood. I listened and delivered on your needs.
  • I have worked with the Aging & Family Services of Fremont as your Senior Citizens Commissioner to get the word out regarding the many valuable services available to seniors in our community.
  • As President of the Fremont Education Foundation I have enabled the After School Band program to grow to serve over 1,400 4th thru 6th grade Fremont Unified students.

I will continue to accept campaign donations from all parties who are interested in creating a better Fremont for future generations. In doing this I can facilitate conversations with all parties to create solutions that serve the best interest of Fremont’s citizens.

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