Kathy in the Community Talking with Real People about Real Issues

In this video I'm at Slap Face Coffee and Teas talking with Keani Turangan a young adult in Fremont dedicated to service as a community leader with vision for the future of Fremont. Keani says, “growing up in Fremont I’ve seen the culturally and economically diverse members of our community… Having the opportunity to serve adults and young people in Fremont has enabled me to share my passion for service, it’s an awesome feeling that makes me continue to advocate for change in Fremont… Students want to succeed and find jobs in Fremont and live in Fremont.”

Another young adult I admire and supports is Aziz Akbari candidate for Alameda County Water District Director. I have been following Aziz’ journey of service since he ran for Mayor in 2012. Aziz is one of many young adults in Fremont with passion to serve. He is intelligent, capable and has the best for Fremont at the center of his heart.

Keani and Aziz are people with visionary minds, people dedicated to service out of passion and people that will drive change in Fremont to improve the future for people of all ages. They are the Heartbeat of Fremont.

I encourage my supporters to vote for Aziz, he's got my vote!


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